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Since 2020, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a distinguished medical microbiologist, has informed the German and international public about the true nature of COVID-19 and the gene based-vaccines. During the past three years, he has written extensively on the subject and has been featured on several international news channels sharing his expertise.

From a period between mid 2021 to early 2022, four individuals led complaints with the German authorities against Prof. Bhakdi for statements he made comparing the COVID-19 vaccination program to 1930s and 1940s Germany. The complainants allege that such statements are a criminal offense.

Officials in Kiel, Germany, investigated the complaints made against Prof. Bhakdi. In November 2021, the Prosecutor’s Office in Kiel discontinued the case for lack of merit. Several weeks later, the case was reopened by The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of the province of Schleswig-Holstein.

Prof. Bhakdi is currently facing two charges – one count of “incitement of the masses” and one count of “trivialization of the Holocaust.” His court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday May 23, 2023, at 9:00 CET at Amtsgericht Plön in Germany. If convicted, Prof. Bhakdi could be sentenced to two years in prison and a fine.

You can read more about Prof. Bhakdi’s background and view a detailed timeline of the case. An English translation of the text of the indictment follows below.

Text of the indictment

Attorney General’s Office Schleswig, May 1, 2022


OJs 9/21

County court Plön

Mr/Mrs Criminal Judge

Lütjenburger St. 48

24306 Plön


BI. 50. vol. IIId. A. Prof. Dr. Sucharit Punyaratabandhu Bhakdi, [personal details removed]

Bl. 57 Bd. IIId. A. Defense counsel: Dr. Sascha Böttner, Attorney at Law, Colonnaden 104, 20354 Hamburg,

Is charged with having,

in Martensrade, Kiel and elsewhere

from April 2021

and on September 24, 2021

by two independent acts

  1. incited hatred against a religious group and attacked the human dignity of others by insulting and maliciously disparaging that religious group, while acting in concert [with others – probably a reference to Kai Stuht, the interviewer] in a manner likely to disturb the public peace; and
  2. publicly trivialized an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the kind described in Section 6 (1) of the International Criminal Code in a manner likely to disturb public peace.

Re 1:

On an unspecified day in April 2021, the defendant gave a video-documented interview to the separately prosecuted [Mr. Kai] Stuht in the living room of his home in […], which was then to be published by the separately prosecuted Stuht on the Internet in words and pictures. In this interview the accused expressed himself critically about Covid-19 vaccinations and the vaccination policy of the state of Israel and that the same could happen “faster than lightning” also to the Germans. Escape from the country would then no longer be possible, just as escape was no longer possible in Israel because the borders were “closed.” The defendant further stated that he had once been asked by an American what he had to say about Israel, whereupon he had said that he admired the people of the Israelis more than any other people in the world. He had been an admirer of Jews. The greatest spirits had been Jews. He had gone after Jewish musicians to get their autographs. Subsequently, the defendant expressed himself in detail as follows:

“I adored them. And now they are doing this. They, the people who fled this country, this land where the arch evil used to be, and they found their own land. Now they have turned their own country into something worse than Germany was. So inconceivable. And then I told the Americans, that’s the bad thing about the Jews. They learn well. There is no people who learn better than they do. But they have learned evil now. And implemented it. And that’s why Israel is now “living hell.” And I’ve told the Americans, if you’re not careful, America will be living hell too, and I’m telling you now, your country will be turned into living hell if you don’t get up soon.”

Following the original plan of the accused, the interview was then published on the Internet by the separately prosecuted Stuht, starting on July 8, 2021, under the title “Vaccination! Hell on earth! Professor Bhakdi” via the platform PeerTube and the website as well as via the Odysee channel of the Kai Stuht. In addition, the Kai Stuht published the video on July 9, 2021 via his Telegram channel. In this way, the interview was in any case freely available to all Internet users until December 14, 2021. Furthermore, the interview was publicly available via Kla.TV’s Odysee channel from July 3, 2021 and was copied by other internet users in the further course and shared in social networks, via video platforms and messenger services. Via Kai Stuht’s Telegram channel alone, the video received around 37,900 views.

In the context of his aforementioned statements, the defendant deliberately detached himself from Israel as a point of reference in order to then describe all Jews, and thus also the Jewish women and Jews living in Germany, as evil. This behavior was objectively suitable and subjectively intended by the accused to incite in an unbiased and reasonable average recipient a hostile attitude that went beyond mere contempt and rejection, also toward the Jews living in Germany. With his statements, the accused also consciously portrayed the Jews living in Germany as unworthy of the respect of the citizens and as inferior, because his statements were not directed against individual behavior patterns of the Jews, but against the core of their personality, which constitutes their human dignity. In doing so, he belittled the Jews out of a hostile attitude and offended them in the core area of their personality. The accused was aware that by stigmatizing Jews as evil, he was evoking anti-Semitic stories and by saying “…That’s the bad thing about Jews. They learn well. There is no nation that learns better than they do” echoed Nazi racial ideology, according to which “the Jews” were ascribed certain characteristics and abilities that were passed on from generation to generation.

The defendant knew that in the context of the ongoing pandemic and the resulting high level of uncertainty and fear among many people, as well as the increasing anti-Semitic agitation in Germany, his statements were particularly suited to provoke aggressive emotionalization, especially among the anti-vaccination camp, and thus to prepare the ground for attacks and criminal acts against Jews. The accused deliberately intensified this effect through the forceful nature of his communication, with which he attempted to influence his viewers and the drastic-aggressive choice of words with which he addressed them directly and warned them what the evil of the Jews could lead to, namely the transformation of Germany, too, into a “living hell.

Re 2:

For the election to the 20th German Bundestag on September 26, 2021, the defendant put himself forward as a candidate for the Basic Democratic Party of Germany. The latter held an election campaign event on September 24, 2021, on Rathausplatz in Kiel. The election campaign event took place there in the time of 17.00 o’clock to approx. 19.00 o’clock and was visited by approx. 200 persons. During this event, the defendant gave a speech to the attendees in which he was critical of vaccinations with COVID-19 vaccines. Thus, he shared that it was frightening that the world elite had already managed to inject over a billion doses of the genetically adept substance into unsuspecting people. He further commented as follows:

“It is clear to all in the know that with the formal approval of the vaccines, the first milestone of the agenda has been reached and the race is on to achieve the ultimate goal. This final goal is the creation of the new reality and involves nothing less than the second holocaust. The abolition of humanity in its current manifestation.”

The accused was aware that the state measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 vaccinations were not comparable to the systematic persecution, deportation and murder of Jews under National Socialism. He was also aware of the fact that his statements relativized the systematic persecution of Jews and their killing in concentration camps during the National Socialist regime in their unworthiness by presenting state corona protection measures within the framework of German vaccination policy as comparable to the state- planned and systematically carried out genocide of the Jews. In any case, he considered it possible and accepted the fact that the presentation he had chosen would be understood and perceived in this sense by the audience of the election campaign event.

By describing the state’s vaccination policy and the intended immunization of as many people as possible against the Covid-19 virus as a second Holocaust, the accused also deliberately created the danger in the heated political climate prevailing at the time of the crime that a climate of fear and uncertainty would spread, at least among Jews living in Germany. For if what happened under the rule of the National Socialists is degraded to an interchangeable object of comparison for objectionable political decisions and state measures, and if the Holocaust is deprived of its exceptionality, then this also creates the danger of lowering the inhibition threshold with regard to anti-Semitic attacks. Furthermore, the accused was aware that his comparison was concretely suitable to cause aggressive emotionalization among the opponents of vaccination and to lower the inhibition threshold for breaking the law and violent action against state measures and persons who are responsible for them, as well as to create a climate of fear and legal uncertainty. For the persecution and murder of the Jews was institutionalized state injustice, against which resistance with violence was also a legitimate means. The equation made by the accused was suitable to stylize opponents of vaccination as resistance fighters and thus to suggest to them that violent resistance against state measures was also justified.

Applicable criminal provisions: Sections 130(1)(1) and (2), (3), 25(2),53 StGB.


I. Information of the accused (BI. 101 ff. Vol. III d.A.)

II. witnesses:

  1. Klaus Baumann, 56653 Wehr (BI. 1 Bd. Id.A))
  2. Sigmount A. Königsberg, to be summoned via the Jewish community in Berlin, 10117 Berlin (BI. 3 vol. III d. A.),
  3. Elio Adler, 14199 Berlin (BI. 7 Bd. III d. A.),
  4. L. Triebe, to be summoned via the Kiel District Criminal Investigation Department, Specialist Inspectorate 2, Commissariat 5, 24103 Kiel (sheet 45 vol. III of the A.),

5 EKHK T. Neubert, to be summoned via the Bezirkskriminalinspektion Kiel, Fachinspektion 2, Kommissariat 5, 24103 Kiel (Bl. 6 Bd. IV d.A.),

6 KHK Sievers, to be summoned via Berlin Police -LKA 535- (sheet 2 vol. III of the A.).

III. objects of judicial inspection:

  1. Twitter-interview of the accused with Kai Stuht secured on CD by the police headquarters Koblenz (p. 22 vol. I of the appendix),
  2. Twitter video of the accused with Kai Stuht secured on CD by the Berlin police (Bl. 9 Bd. II d. A.),
  3. video of the interview of the accused with Kai Stuht secured on CD by the Berlin police (sheet 16 vol. III d..A.),
  4. twitter-video saved on CD by the General Prosecutor’s Office Schleswig (p. 4a vol. IV d.A. attached),
  5. 2 video files concerning the election event on September 24, 2021 secured on CD by the Kiel District Criminal Investigation Department (p. 15 vol. IV. of the A. appended).

It is requested to open the main proceedings.


Prosecutor / Attorney General’s Office