Here are resources to help you defend your human and democratic rights and freedoms, and your health and safety, against authoritarian measures in medical disguise.

Generic Vaccine Exemption Letter with Supporting Documents

This generic vaccine exemption letter was signed by Bishop George of Canberra, Administrator of the Australia-New Zealand Diocese Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and is available for view and download:

Generic Vaccine Exemption Letter

Reminder of Liability Information – English Translation

The original document in German was sent out to German physicians in November 2021 and the English translation is available for view and download:

Reminder of Liability Information – English

Notice of Liability in German

The document was sent out to German physicians in June 2021 and is available for view and download:

Selection of downloadable template documents for parents, employees and others – UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Template documents to protect your rights relating to masks, testing and vaccine requirements – adaptable to your situation and needs.

Selection of letters of liability and conditional acceptance regarding vaccines and masks

Click here to download a word document with links to templates and letters for use against vaccine and mask mandates

Notice and Declaration of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatment/s – Solari

Download a form here to assist you to assert your parental authority over medical treatments of your child.  

Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities Requiring Covid-19 Injections – The People’s Lawyer UK

NOTE TO COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY: As a student at your institution, I am requesting that you review this document, provide the requisite information…

Letter of Conditional Acceptance / Consent to Vaccination – The People’s Lawyer UK

Dear Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms etc, I am writing to notify you that I shall only offer my consent to be vaccinated upon condition that…


To: Mr. / Mrs. Pharmacist / Nurse / Doctor / Vaccine Administer

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