Readers of our website will be aware that the mRNA vaccines that have been used against COVID-19 have caused injury and death on an unprecedented scale in the history of medicine.

This book argues that these harms had to be expected from first principles of immunology. Furthermore, they are not limited to the COVID vaccines alone; instead, they are inherent in the mRNA technology as such. We must therefore expect that future mRNA vaccines against other viruses or bacteria will be similarly toxic. mRNA technology will never be safe to use for vaccination against any infectious agent.

The book is free to download right here. A printed copy can be ordered from An Italian translation is also available (please scroll to the bottom of the page).

Italian translation

Marco Saba has kindly provided a translation into Italian. The PDF version can be downloaded here. Printed versions can be purchased from Amazon as paperback or hardcover.

Marco Saba has deep experience in the investigation of war crimes. His background inspired him to write an article on the topic: Why are Anti-COVID Gene Serums to be considered illegal weapons?

Spanish translation

The Spanish translation of the book is now available. You can buy it in paper and ebook at

Chinese translation

German translation

Hungarian translation

Kindly provided by Dr. Éva Papp, PhD. A printed version is available through