D4CE Symposium II Video Replay: The Real Anthony Fauci – Catherine Austin Fitts talks with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In this video, Catherine Fitts discussed with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his new book: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

“Oh my God, it’s really this bad, and how did I not know that it was this bad?”

Feedback of the book from the heartland

Topics Covered in the Interview:

  • “The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the three big agencies, HHS-health agencies, FDA, CDC, and NIH, is a seamless subsidiary relationship.” Fauci has turned NIH into “an incubator for pharmaceutical products.” And the United States “went from being the healthiest nation in the world to being the sickest.”
  • Fauci “worked with the CIA in developing a response that had nothing to do with public health.” A secret pandemic simulation program called “Operation Lockstep” has been used to “train all these governments (Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US) to pivot in lockstep and impose totalitarian.”
  • Vaccine passport is “a control device that is going to be linked to currency and to your checkbook, your savings account, your capacity to…” With the vaccine passport, the freedoms enjoyed in the past are becoming “the privileges contingent upon the obedience to an ultimately limitless inventory of diktats.”
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