Dr. Peter Breggin’s recent interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of D4CE.

Dr. Peter Breggin, MD recently interviewed Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of D4CE.

Watch the Video Here:

In the first part of the interview, Dr. Breggin and Dr. Bhakdi discussed the New World Order (NWO) agenda and the people and the agencies behind it. The NWO agenda is real, not merely a “conspiracy theory”; there is a massive interlocking relationship between big banks, corporations, and the military-industrial complex, whose latest venture is the war in Ukraine. Their plan is to drain the rest of the world of wealth and power and make people more and more controllable. The effort to administer gene-based so-called “vaccines” to the entire world population is part of this agenda. In this context, Dr. Bhakdi’s key message to everyone is:

"Everyone wants to return to the world where we used to live. I tell all of you who are going along: these (mRNA) vaccines are going to change mankind. They are changing you – your psyche, your brain. Don't do it. You are losing your individuality and personality. You will cease to be a human being."

In the second part of the interview, Dr. Bhakdi explained why mRNA “vaccines” make people more malleable from a scientific point of view. mRNA “vaccines” are not vaccines but agents that will change humans. Proper vaccines, by definition, directly induce immunity and antibodies after entering the lymph nodes. In contrast, the gene-based “vaccines” induce our own body cells to produce the viral proteins; in the case of the COVID vaccines, of the spike protein, whose function it is to “open the door” of the cell to the virus.

Dr. Bhakdi likens the mRNA “vaccines” to “letters in envelopes” and emphasizes that they are dangerous and poisonous in several ways:

  1. The “letters” (mRNAs) travel to unknown destinations in the body, taken up by cells that the virus would never have reached. These cells are in the lymph nodes and the vascular endothelia, and the damage to the cells that receive and execute the messages in these letters will cause grave harm, including blood clots and damage to the immune system itself.
  2. The “envelope” – the lipid nanoparticles – is pure poison, because it contains toxic cationic (positively charged) lipids. Natural lipids either have no charge or are negatively charged. Most of the important molecules in our cells are negatively charged, and the cationic lipids bind to them and interfere with their function. The negatively charged DNA might interact directly with the cationic lipids. Another example are negatively charged proteins, which are needed for wound-healing.

The damage to the cells that take up the mRNAs will be caused mainly by the immune system. Once the cells start making the spike protein, the immune system will try to kill these cells. That is analogous to autoimmune diseases. Injecting mRNA vaccines acts like planting seeds for acquired autoimmune disease. The blood will clot whenever and wherever the blood vessels are injured. These clot can form in small vessels at sites one will never see. Clogging small vessels in the brain will eventually lead to brain damage, altering the personality.

Pfizer and Moderna know that the damage to the small vessels can’t easily be detected and think that they can get away with it. However, pathologists can detect the damage post mortem. German pathologists have found the spike protein in all organs, heart, brain, spleen, liver, lungs, and reproductive organs. Their pathological work has shown that 90% of people who died after vaccination had signs of autoimmune attack, with the heart as the major target.

Dr. Breggin ended the interview with the following remarks of his own:

"I want to leave folks being motivated, not crushed by all those data. We are at a critical moment in time. Clearly, we need people who are going to be brave to stand up on these issues. Take what you heard today. Don't let yourself get helpless, fazed, and overwhelmed. Get angry, but don't get too angry. Get busy, get active, get loving. Talk with your neighbors, talk with your friends, and set up a book club. Get active in local politics. Buy our books. Learn as much as you can and be as active as you can. We are at a point in history when we need to stand up for freedom in the world."

Peter Roger Breggin, MD, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and critic of psychiatric medication. In his new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, he critically analyzes the global SARS-CoV 2 response. He also exposes the global predators profiting from the so-called “pandemic”.

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