Legal Letter Sent to State and Federal Ministers in Australia, Calling for Urgent Public Consultation and Overhaul of COVID-19 Policies

This letter, dated July 7 2021, is addressed to the New South Wales Health Minister and Premier, and was copied to the Federal Health Minister and other Parliamentarians. It lays out the basis for concerns that “Government Agents are acting outside their powers and in a manner that may imperil the lives of patients” with respect to COVID-19.

The letter summarises evidence and arguments challenging the legitimacy of Australia’s approach to: coerced mass vaccination, lockdowns, PCR testing, official mortality data, censorship, gagging of doctors and health professionals, intimidation of citizens and medical personnel, and reliance on popularised rather than scientific information to determine policy.

It states:

“The idea of informed consent has effectively been eliminated, and it appears as though the New South Wales (“NSW”) Government and Ministers and media have replaced doctors when it comes to personalised medical services and the choices people make.”

“The idea that the Government both State and Federal are reporting medical practitioners and other members in the community for having “dangerous thoughts” or “enemies of the State” for casting a scientific/medical opinion is gravely concerning, and reinforces the principle that Government may have engaged in a course of conduct that has exceeded its delegated power given to it by the “people”. These are legitimate questions that must be asked, and the Government, after locking down an entire State, should act in a manner that is open, democratic and participatory in nature, none of which has occurred during COVID-19.”

The letter invites relevant Ministers and Chief Health Officers of Australia’s States and Territories to engage in a public consultation process “with independent and eminently qualified Professors and scientists, so that the public can be reassured that the decisions being made are in the public’s best interests.”

Should the Government refuse, a public ‘fact finding process’ involving Federal Senators and Parliamentary Representatives will be sought.

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