Take Action Canada: Deaths of Despair – Child Suicide Evidence Package

This excellent report documents the adverse effects of the lockdown procedures on our children using publicly available data. It emphasizes our duty to demand that our governments and educational systems guarantee the full re-opening of our children’s schools and the full restoration – with no prospect of reversal – of all of the social interactions and opportunities that have been available to them pre-lockdown.We have permission from TakeActionCanada to publish the article on our website.

We have never before seen suicidality among our children rise at such alarming rates as we have during the lockdowns of 2020/21 in Canada and around the world.”

“This may be the first time in recent history that adults at a societal level are not focused on protecting children, but are instead willing to expose them to mental health and other risks in order to (theoretically) protect adults from a respiratory virus that is statistically hardly more dangerous than seasonal influenza, except for the very old and infirm.

“Our governments and Public Health officials have failed in their responsibility to our children to balance risk and benefit in their decisions during this pandemic.”

The report is available for download:

The report is also available on the website of TakeActionCanada:


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