Video Replays: D4CE Symposium III – Session II

D4CE presented the third symposium on February 18, 2022. Highly respected international scientists, lawyers, and economists presented their studies and expressed their opinions freely and honestly.

Kati Schepis Pharmacist with Prof. Michael Palmer

Kati Schepis, a pharmacist from Switzerland with pharma industry experience, presents a timeline of the development of mRNA delivery technologies, suggesting that the currently used COVID mRNA vaccines are the culmination of a plan that has been in the making for several decades. She explains that the mRNA vaccines have been approved without any “pharmacokinetics ” data, such as where the vaccine will go in the body and how long it will stay there. Kati argues that such data would be essential for ensuring vaccine safety and that the pertinent regulatory guidelines must urgently be updated.

Mary Holland, Renate Holzeisen, Meryl Nass MD, Astrid Stuckelkberger PhD Msc with Polly Tommey

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, an internist with expertise in infectious diseases and vaccines, explains how the current situation – the broad deployment of needless, ineffective, and unsafe vaccines against the COVID “pandemic” – was anticipated by the Swine flu “pandemic” of 2009. During that time (similar to today), international treaties and the WHO created a situation in which nobody could be held liable for vaccine injuries. Dr. Nass suggests that we have three months to call out the malfeasance of the WHO to prevent it from usurping our national governments.

Dr. Nass argues that the governments’ suppression of choloquine and several other drugs connected with COVID has served ulterior motives. She discusses several studies on the SARS pandemic of the early 2000s to show that these drugs are active against coronaviruses. Some of those studies were published by scientists connected to Fauci himself.

Dr. Nass points out that vaccine manufacturers will only participate in such schemes if they are assured protection from liability for the harm that will result. Accordingly, we should work to have such liability protection laws revoked.

Mary Holland, a lawyer, and the president of Children’s Health Defense, proposes that freedom fighters “go after money” by investing in and supporting enterprises and jurisdictions which protect our freedoms and withdrawing our financial support from those that harm our freedoms. 

She also discusses that “everything related to COVID is based on lawlessness,” particularly the forcible use of experimental “vaccine” products. Holland emphasizes the central role of liability protection for vaccine manufacturers and healthcare providers. She briefly summarizes the legal cases which CHD has filed and the weapons which remain in our arsenal.

Astrid Stuckelberger (MSc PhD PD) is an international health scientist, UN/WHO expert. She performed research from clinical to epidemiological studies for the policy-makers (United Nations, European Commission, Governments and served on IHR WHO and ERC (Int. Research Ethics Committee) during the last 30 years. She taught at the Faculty of Medicine at various Universities in Switzerland. 

Dr. Stuckelberger alerts us all to a new global accord the WHO plans to implement to its constitution. Suppose member states adopt the new treaty or other international instruments for pandemic preparedness and response. In that case, the WHO’s constitution will take precedence over each country’s constitution during natural disasters or pandemics. In other words, the WHO will be dictating, not just recommending, which would be a significant step towards establishing the One World Governance.

At the end of Session II is a round table discussion among Polly Tommey, Meryl Nass, Mary Holland, Renate Holzeisen, and Astrid Stückelberger. Each participant gives their view on what matters most in our ongoing fight for medical and political freedom.

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