Video Replays: D4CE Symposium IV – Session I

D4CE presented the fourth symposium on June 11, 2022. Leading experts from the various field presented their studies and expressed their opinions freely and honestly.

Program Overview with Taylor Hudak

SESSION 1 : mRNA Vaccines – A Serious Threat to Mankind With Polly Tommey and Michael Palmer

Sucharit Bhakdi: The fundamental mechanism of damage is simple and universal

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, professor emeritus of microbiology and immunology, explains the key mechanisms of vaccine damage to tissues and blood vessels. The mRNA vaccine is taken up into the cells, particularly those which line the blood vessels. The cells express the spike protein, causing them to be attacked and destroyed by the immune system. The resulting vascular damage triggers blot clots. Dr. Bhakdi makes it clear that this disease mechanism is not limited to COVID vaccines alone but must be expected with any and all future mRNA vaccines.

Michael Palmer: Summary of the evidence – irrefutable proof of causality

Dr. Michael Palmer, MD, summarizes the evidence from autopsies which was produced by pathologist Prof. Arne Burkhardt and colleagues, and which substantiates the damage mechanism outlined by Dr. Bhakdi in his preceding talk: the mRNA vaccine is taken up into our body cells, which express the spike protein and are then attacked and destroyed by our own immune system. The observed mechanism of immune attack appears to be completely general and must be expected to apply to future mRNA vaccines against infections other than COVID as well.

Alexandra Latypova: Pfizer’s and Moderna’s preclinical vaccine trials – evidence of scientific and regulatory fraud

Sasha Latypova, who is an expert in drug development, explains how the manufacturers of the COVID mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, skipped essential preclinical safety studies, and how the FDA let them get away with it, failing in its duty to protect the public from these unsafe medicines. The FDA remains dysfunctional as of today, and it cannot be trusted with protecting the public from harm caused by any future vaccines or other medicines.

Her article on Pfizer and Moderna’s fraud is available here:

Thomas Binder: A clinical perspective and synopsis

Dr. Thomas Binder discusses the toxicity of the mRNA vaccines from a clinical and epidemiological perspective. He presents the evidence to show that the “vaccines” are unnecessary, negatively effective, and unsafe. He emphasizes that not only the emergency use authorisation of the mRNA injections against SARS-CoV-2 must be suspended immediately, but also that no other mRNA injections may be approved, because even if a not toxic antigen is chosen, the toxicity of the Lipid Nano Particles, the modified RNA and the auto immune like reaction against the cells, who are coerced to produce and then present this foreign protein on their surface, will be the same. He also touches on the question of how to approach the clinical treatment of vaccine injury. He ends with another call to action to his fellow doctors.

Renate Holzeisen AND Mary Holland WITH Polly Tommey: legal actions against mRNA vaccine approvals

CHD’s Polly Tommey and lawyers Mary Holland (President of CHD) and Renate Holzeisen (European Human Rights Lawyer, Italy) discuss current legal actions against the COVID-19 vaccination approval procedures and planned action against mRNA technology itself at European courts. The increasing success rate of cases challenging COVID-related regulations and mandates across the globe indicate that judges – just as any human being – start experiencing and recognising the devastating impact of vaccinations unlawfully pushed through neglecting procedural evaluations and requirements.

Mary Holland and Brian Hooker with Polly Tommey: mRNA effects on fertility and sterility

Mary Holland (Lawyer and President of CHD) and Brian Hooker (biomedical scientist, Ph.D., CHD, U.S.) join Polly Tommey from CHD.TV to discuss historical precedents of vaccine-induced sterility. One example is the HPV vaccine. Another example is the covert sterilization campaign in Kenya, which is the subject of a recent CHD movie, Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda. In this experimental tetanus vaccination program, many Kenya women were injected with a tetanus vaccine containing the human pregnancy hormone beta-HCG. 

The discussion then turns to the high number of adverse event reports related to the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in VEARS, indicating the harmful effects of the COVID mRNA vaccines on fertility. While we do not yet know the exact magnitude of this problem, it must be taken seriously and addressed openly. However, the WHO and other health authorities continue to ignore the issues, proving that they are not trustworthy with our health and the future of Humanity.

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