Urgent Message to Swiss Voters: Vote NO in the Referendum on COVID-19 Law – Your Freedom Depends Upon It

On November 28, the Swiss people will vote in a referendum on the so-called ‘COVID-19 law’, including whether to retain the COVID pass, which ties inalienable human rights and freedoms to COVID vaccination or test status.

It is an historic and important vote, which will send a signal to the world. We bring urgent messages from Prof. Sucharti Bhakdi MD, Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Thomas Binder to VOTE NO.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD

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In English

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"Switzerland - all over the world, the cornerstones of freedom and democracy are being trampled underfoot. Whenever it really mattered, the Swiss stood up and fought for what is right, with courage, independence and honesty. 

This vote is not only about corona. It is about the defence of Swiss principles. Principles that have made this country unique in the past. 

You have the chance to set a sign for the whole world. A sign that will go down in the history books and that your children and your children’s children will be proud of."

It is now about standing up for your self determination and for your freedom. Say NO.

– Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD

Catherine Austin Fitts

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"I pray the Swiss people vote no to Covid laws this November 28th. If you do not, the Covid certificates will be used to strip your assets from you. 

Are you a Swiss Citizen who’s been vaccinated? The Covid certificates are part of a financial transaction control grid that will strip you of your property. Are you a Swiss citizen who is unvaccinated? It’s the same. Vaccinated and unvaccinated are in this together. 

Do you think that Covid certificates offer you inclusion into society? Certificates offer you inclusion into slavery, as the billionaires grow richer, and are free to travel and prosper. 

If the Swiss vote no on November 28th, you will send a powerful inspiration to everyone everywhere that human liberty and freedom stand."

Covid certificates and laws are the end of human liberty in the West. Please vote NO on November 28th.

– Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. Thomas Binder

In German

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