In Case You Missed It – The Truth Shall Set You Free

D4CE Symposium III

17 speakers, 11 sessions, Enough Truth to Sink a Vaccination Campaign

‘Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act’ – George Orwell

On February 18th, Doctors for Covid Ethics, in co-operation with Children’s Health Defense, held our third symposium, to once again convene experts in fields relevant to COVID-19 science and policy, so that they may share their knowledge and expertise, with the aim of bringing truth to bear on the medicalized politics, and politicized medicine, that has hijacked lives and societies worldwide.

In case you missed it, or don’t have time to watch the whole replay, each segment of the symposium is summarised below, with links to videos of individual sessions.

Since sending our first letter to the European Medicines Agency in March 2021, Doctors for Covid Ethics has been documenting harms from the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ campaign, both inside the human body and more broadly for society and humanity. From warning of blood clots, stroke and heart attacks before they first began to appear, to detailing the toxicology of the vaccines, to identifying other predictable forms of injury such as immune suppression, organ damage, or enhancement of disease, we have been tracking the rapidly unfolding public health catastrophe that is COVID-19 policy for over a year now. 

As the mass vaccination experiment involving novel gene-based agents has progressed, the real-world outcomes have surpassed even our most pessimistic projections. Not only are vaccine deaths and injuries sky high, but the vaccine-induced spike protein persists in the body for months rather than days, and the vaccines’ mRNA reverse transcribes inside the human cell within 6 hours of injection, carrying unknown and untold implications for the human genome.

It will therefore come as no surprise to our followers that Pfizer’s published list of ‘Adverse Events of Special Interest’ is 9 pages long, citing brain stem embolism, cardiac failure and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, to name just a few of the 1,291 injuries. Nor is it unexpected that all-cause mortality is up to 7.8 times higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated populations in the UK, nor that the vaccines have proven impotent against infection and disease.

Even Anthony Fauci has admitted that “it would not be the first time” if the Covid vaccines made the vaccinated “worse” rather than better. The head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, has claimed that the CDC took its initial information on vaccine efficacy and safety from CNN, causing the CDC to proceed with “too little caution and too much optimism”. This flagrant abrogation of responsibility and disregard for life and safety, the very definition of criminal negligence, was rebranded as “following the science” at the time. In the same vein, government officials are now openly admitting that throughout the ‘pandemic’, ‘Covid’ cases, hospitalisations and deaths were manufactured through misclassification of unrelated illnesses and injuries via misuse and abuse of PCR tests.

What more could possibly be said?

At our most recent symposium, we made sense of this unprecedented state of affairs and what it means for human health and human societies going forward. We took stock of the stark reality that, despite the monumental failure of COVID-19 policy, those responsible are consolidating rather than relinquishing their grip on power. At the same time, vaccine mandates, coercion and associated human rights abuses persist in many countries, under what can accurately be described as democide, or “the killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policy”. Meanwhile the WHO is gearing up to dictate policy to member states under a treaty that grants it the power to override nations’ national constitutions and laws. And Canada has offered us all a taste of things to come under the anticipated global financial control grid, by cutting off it’s citizens’ access to their bank accounts as punishment for peaceful protests. 

In short, the events of recent months reveal elites’ plans to accelerate all that has been witnessed over the last two years, in all areas of life, destroying democracy at its roots and trampling human rights and sovereignty of individuals and nations. So our work is far from done. The critical scholarly task now is to continue exposing scientific and political realities, while unmasking the forces and agendas behind the misappropriation of medicine and science for tyrannical political ends. At our latest symposium, we sought to do just that.

Session 1: The Case is Closed – The Final Evidence, with Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD

During session 1, four scientists explained from their respective areas of expertise why the evidence is in, and the case against official Covid policy is closed.

In The Falling House of Cards, cardiologist and internist Dr Thomas Binder exploded 10 myths in the ‘corona nonsense narrative’, providing a systematic overview of the “pandemic” that never was. He explained that data from around the world showed no excess mortality attributable to SARS-Cov-2; only to “pandemic” countermeasures. Nor was there any excess ICU bed occupancy worldwide. Instead, the global “health emergency” was conjured from a changed WHO definition of pandemic, stripped of any severity criteria, fraudulent testing practices and near-total narrative control.

Watch Thomas Binder’s segment (24 minutes) here.

In Pathways to Vaccine Injury, microbiologist and Professor of Biochemistry, Prof. Michael Palmer MD explained the mechanisms by which gene-based COVID “vaccines” cause cell death and perforation of cell walls, through self-to-self immune attack, by instructing the body’s cells to manufacture the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The magnitude of the effect will increase with each re-injection of mRNA vaccines, he warned, representing a dangerous “fundamental flaw of the entire idea of mRNA vaccines… mRNA vaccines should have died right there.”

Professor Palmer went on to describe mechanisms of vaccine toxicity from the lipid nanoparticles encasing the mRNA technology, which can cause DNA damage and cumulative cancer risks with each vaccine. Crucially for the legitimacy mRNA “vaccine” regulation, regulatory bodies such as the EMA and FDA have declined to assess risks of carcinogenicity when approving products defined as vaccines. “It is very concerning that right now the companies like Moderna and Pfizer are going all out into this mRNA technology, and they want to convert even the good old flu shot to mRNA”, Professor Palmer stressed.

Watch Michael Palmer’s segment, (15 minutes 30s) here.

In Three Major Consequences to be Expected, immunologist and renowned medical scientist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD opened by noting a publication in the Lancet that has confirmed Covid-19 vaccination to be incapable of preventing infection, illness or death. In other words, he said, the vaccines are “absolutely useless”.

Due to the mechanisms described by Michael Palmer, Professor Bhakdi explained, vessel damage and clots are “bound to form” throughout the body following vaccination, in such a way that “vessel leakage will occur, all over the place.” The vaccine will then enter the organs… “the heart, the lung, the liver, the brain”, whose cells will in turn manufacture the spike protein, coming under attack from the immune system themselves. Organ damage can then be expected ensue, from brain injury to heart and lung conditions, to organ failure and death, with risks persisting for months after vaccination given the longevity of vaccine spike production.

Combined with clear evidence that Covid vaccination destroys lymphatic tissue responsible for immune cell production, conferring susceptibility to dormant infections and cancers in the months and years following vaccination, “we cannot afford not to act” Professor Bhakdi stressed, “to stop this vaccine madness.”

Watch Sucharit Bhakdi’s segment (7minutes 30s) here.

In Expectations Fulfilled: The Scientific Evidence, pathologist and MD Prof. Arne Burkhardt provided concrete evidence of the processes described by Professors Palmer and Bhakdi.

Professor Burkhardt revealed that lethal organ damage does indeed occur following Covid vaccination, via both vessel damage and immune attack of tissues in multiple organs, as Professor Bhakdi had described. Professor Burkhardt presented the findings of a team of pathologists, physicians and biologists who had studied autopsies of 30 deaths following vaccination. From ruptured aorta to lymphocytes running “amok” in numerous organs, including in the heart and brain, to unidentified material inside blood vessels, Professor Burkhardt described extensive and widespread harm that was accompanied by spike protein production throughout the body.

His group’s investigations have exposed the fact that routine autopsies are failing to detect clear evidence of vaccine damage, for instance by failing to perform histological studies.

Importantly, Professor Burkhardt evidenced significant amounts of spike protein in the endothelium, or the innermost lining of blood vessel walls, which is precisely the danger that Doctors for Covid Ethics had warned the EMA to expect, as early as February 2021. The EMA, however, dismissed the warnings out of hand, and without evidence, as relating to “minor” issues.

Watch Professor Burkhardt’s segment (41 minutes 14s) here.

Session 2: The Future Scientific and Legal Aspects, with Prof. Michael Palmer MD

During session 2, Professor Michael Palmer led discussion between lawyers, doctors and former industry insiders who warned that, despite the failure and dangers of COVID-19 vaccines, the gene-based vaccination agenda is poised to escalate, as is the power and influence of those behind it.

In Variations of mRNA Technology and Self-Amplifying “Vaccines”, Kati Schepis, a pharmacist with pharma industry experience, warned that self-amplifying mRNA vaccines, a variation on the mRNA technology used against COVID-19, are currently in clinical trials and are likely to be deployed in the near future. The self-amplifying mRNA technology, she explained, causes injected mRNA to multiply once inside the body, prolonging and amplifying the magnitude of vaccine-induced spike-production. It is a prospect that she describes as “horrifying”, given that the only effect of the vaccines’ mRNA in the human body is to cause harm.

Watch Kati Schepis’ segment (16 minutes 41s) here.

In Overview of Legal, Procedural Opportunities and Threats, five legal, medical, and industry experts (Mary Holland, Renate Holzeisen, Meryl Nass, Astrid Struckelberger and Polly Tommey) discussed what Polly Tommey, producer of ‘Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, described as the “big question on everyone’s lips… How is this legal at all?”

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger PhD, an international public health expert at the University of Geneva for 30 years, explained that the overall approach to global health governance with respect to Covid-19 has violated the WHO’s own legally binding International Health Regulation principles. It has amounted not to a legitimate public health intervention, she said, but an illegal vaccination campaign. 

Dr Struckelberger has consulted to the WHO, the United Nations, the European Commission and various Governments, including working on the WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan and its International Health Regulation framework. From violating the right to be free from medical experimentation, to unjustifiable travel bans and restrictions on trade and movement, to breaching standards with respect to establishing causality, contagiousity, lethality and isolation of viruses, global health governance took a sharp turn away from best practice principles throughout COVID-19, under the WHO’s leadership, she explained.

Dr Struckelberger noted that the stark departure from foundational public health norms has been associated with the WHO’s shift to a corporate-controlled institution, whose member states are classified as ‘enterprises’, with officials who act as CEOs. She warned that the WHO’s proposed new Pandemic Preparedness and Response Treaty, currently being negotiated between member states and corporate parties, would usurp nations’ constitutions and laws, handing the corporate-captured WHO unaccountable dictatorial power over global ‘pandemic’ responses, and therefore over the world’s nations and their populations.

Dr Meryl Nass MD, internist with experience in infectious diseases and vaccines, followed by noting that it is not the first time that the WHO has acted in concert with private interests, describing the WHO’s history handing vaccine manufacturers exemption from liability for harm from unsafe and poorly tested vaccines, under “pandemic” conditions.

Dr Nass then outlined a series of manoeuvres that have been orchestrated by authorities in order to push the illegal COVID vaccination campaign, including the CDC altering the definition of “vaccine” to encompass the COVID shots; FDA and governments lying about vaccine efficacy and safety; reliance on laws shielding vaccine manufacturers from liability for harm; and, from the outset of the “pandemic”, governments aggressively preventing populations from obtaining chloroqiune drugs, shown as early as 2004 to be effective against SARS and MERS diseases.

“There is only conclusion that can be drawn”, she said: “Our governments were colluding against the citizens to worsen and prolong the pandemic. They had  bigger plans in mind, for creating a new normal or a great reset.”

Dr Nass warned that any easing of restrictions and mandates will only be temporary: “Those seeking to control the world are relentless,” she stressed. “We must be too.”

Next, Mary Holland, lawyer and president of Children’s Health Defense agreed with previous speakers that “everything about Covid is based on lawlessness.” Nuremberg protections are being violated around the world, she said, underscoring Dr Nass’s point that a fundamental pillar of COVID tyranny is liability protections for vaccine manufacturers, health practitioners and governments. Mary Holland added that Canada has illustrated ruling elites’ willingness to eviscerate due process by summarily seizing people’s money, sending the message to citizens, “we will pursue everything as a tyrannical regime.”

Weapons in the public’s arsenal for fighting back, she said, involve the exercise of democratic rights such as free speech, the right to assembly, non-compliance, withdrawing money from corrupt power structures, voting, and dismantling the manufacturers’ liability protections, without which there could be no COVID vaccination campaign.

Renate Holzeisen, Italian Lawyer, described promising legal precedents in Italy, citing a ruling in the court of Verona that found COVID vaccines to be “experimental substances” that could not be imposed without consent. She said that lawyers in Europe continue to wage legal battles so as to place accurate information in the public domain and to educate and enlighten judges.

Watch the segment (44 minutes 35s) here.

Session 3: Covid-19 and Global Coup D’etat with Catherine Austin Fitts

During session 3, Catherine Austin Fitts led discussions of the worldwide power grab, or global coup d’etat, that is taking place under cover of COVID-19.

In Global Coup D’etat, bioscientist and Former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Allergy and Respiratory at Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon PhD, explained his arrival at the conclusion that the frauds and abuses perpetrated in the name of COVID-19 have been oriented towards a social control system organised around digital IDs. A universal digital ID scheme, he warned, would spell an end to our freedoms, privacy, personal choice, self-determination and ability to transact, posing an existential threat to life as we know it. Dr Yeadon cautioned that although efforts to institute digital IDs via vaccine passports have narrowly failed, we should expect renewed psychological operations and coercive measures as part of future efforts to transition populations to universal digital identities and social control.

“Don’t go along with it”, he urged. “If your job depends on vaccination, go without work… We can survive anything else, but we can’t survive that.”

Watch Mike Yeadon’s segment (25 minutes 10s) here.

In Covid-19 Survey, professor of economics Professor Mark Skidmore PhD presented the results of his nationally representative US survey, conducted in December 2021. The survey sought to gain a realistic picture of inoculation-related injuries and fatalities, which even the FDA and CDC concede do occur, but dismiss as ‘rare’ without performing any rigorous data collection. Professor Skidmore has filled that gap. His survey generated a best-estimate of 260,000 vaccine-induced fatalities in the United States alone.

Watch Mark Skidmore’s segment (31 minutes) here.

In The Financial Control Grid professor of banking and finance Professor Richard A. Werner PhD outlined moves by the world’s central banking regulators to exploit COVID-19 for purposes of financial control over citizens’ finances and lives. From the earliest days of the Covid campaign in March 2020, he noted, several central planners “couldn’t contain themselves” from declaring an urgent need to issue Central Bank Digital Currencies. Dr Werner recalled that Agustin Carstens, General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements, later elaborated on the digital currency push by explaining that, unlike cash, with Central Bank Digital Currencies “the central bank will have absolute control over the… use of [currency]… and the technology to enforce that.”  

Professor Werner explained how and why this portends a future in which elites can approve or deny citizens’ access to their finances at will, as occurred in Canada.  He also outlined why central banks going direct to the public through Central Bank Digital Currency, as Central Bankers have proposed, would not only increase the instability of the global financial system, but would essentially free banking from accountability and regulation. Professor Werner ended by explaining how citizens can resist, particularly by moving their money into local community banks, using cash, and turning to local rather than global businesses and enterprises.

Watch Richard Werner’s segment (24 minutes 11s) here.

In Freedom Fighting on the Ground, three Canadian doctors and vaccine injury whistleblowers, Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Stephen Malthouse and Dr Emad Gurgius discussed the recent Canadian freedom (trucker) convoy.

Dr Charles Hoffe MD, a practicing physician in British Columbia for 28 years, began by pointing out that after two years of “incredibly destructive” lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates, COVID is more prevalent than ever before. “It’s clear to most people that none of these restrictions have done anything” to alter the course of COVID-19, he said. The arbitrariness of restrictions, moreover, has betrayed their true purpose: coercing vaccination.

Eventually “enough was enough,” Dr Hoffe said, and trucks from all over Canada travelled as far as 4,000 kilometres to the houses of parliament in Ottawa, attracting an enormous amount of public support, from citizens standing up for their freedoms. The protest sent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into hiding, while authorities and the media scapegoated the protesters by lying, just as they had scapegoated the unvaccinated, branding the non-violent grassroots movement an ‘occupying force’. 

Dr Stephen Malthouse, a BC Physician who has practiced medicine for 42 years, followed by noting that the Canadian media essentially acts as an arm of power, having been “bought out” with 600 million dollars from the Canadian Government, adding that the crime rate in Ottowa went down rather than up in conjunction with the protests, contrary to media portrayals.

In reality, the convoy was peaceful, he said, with singing, dancing and bouncing castles – “very much a family affair.” Blockades between Canada and the US were also cleared peacefully and mutually, without disruption to trade, including protesters and police hugging in some cases.

Despite these realities the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, invoked the Emergencies Act, which was originally titled the Martial Law Act, Dr Malthouse explained. He noted that its only previous invocation has been under Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, in the 1970s. Given that the act requires a threat to the sovereignty or populace of Canada, its invocation was clearly unlawful and illegitimate in response to citizens exercising their democratic rights.

Dr Emad Gurguis MD, a surgeon for 30 years with studies in psychology and epidemiology, described his observations after attending the convoy over two weeks, and interviewing protesters in his capacity as investigative reporter. He said:

 “We were hearing from corporate mainstream media that these people were all white supremacists… and that they were hateful and destroying property and harassing the homeless…  It was the absolute opposite… It was extremely organised, extremely orderly – they had a little play area for the kids. The truckers and protesters were all very disciplined, well behaved, very friendly and warm… That was the first thing I noticed.
“And there was an incredible rejuvenation of people’s spirits. It was almost like they were coming out of an oppressed abusive relationship… where they finally saw hope for breaking away.” 

Dr Gurguis relayed the observations of an abuse survivor who described parallels between the tactics of COVID propaganda that of his abuser, from using fear, chaos and the reassurance that ‘we’re going to look after you’, to the shifting goalpoasts. Dr Gurguis added that protesters who were migrants from totalitarian states said that they recognised the fingerprints of totalitarianism in the government’s COVID policies, from total control of citizens’ choices, to demanding complete loyalty to the state, to using mainstream media for propaganda around those themes.  

The truckers and protesters “just wanted to be heard,” he said. “Their message was not only end the mandates, but end this control of their entire life.. Their objectives were very reasonable... They were all for critical appraisal and informed consent… One thing we kept hearing over and over again was, ‘we want our lives back…we want Canada back as a democratic free country, where we can make informed consent about medical procedures [and] where we can move about freely.’”

Dr Gurguis  expressed his horror at seeing extreme aggression used against the peaceful truckers, with force and knees to the body. He concluded by observing that the key achievement of the truckers’ convoy has been to expose the naked agenda of the entire COVID operation: totalitarian control.

Watch the full segment (24 minutes 55s) here.

In The Truth Shall Set You Free, Professor Bhakdi MD closed the symposium by describing the COVID ddception as the “greatest fraud that is conceivable to the human mind.” Its perpetrators’ “golden goal” he said, is “to convert our planet into the playground of the mighty and mightiest.” They will have “fascinating objects to play with and experiment with – you and your beloved ones; your children and grandchildren.”

The WHO, Professor Bhakdi warned, is not a medical nor public health body, but “one of the many guises of big finance”, along with the EU, which he described as two heads of the Medusa. In order to resist the coming enslavement of humanity, Professor Bhakdi enjoined his “fellow compatriots” to “join hands with each other across all borders and continents. No longer let them divide the world and us…Force your governments” to drop all mandates and all gene-based agents, and to turn their backs on the WHO and the EU. Dr Bhakdi outlined the imminent risks posed by both of these transnational bureaucracies under coming ‘pandemic’ schemes, which stand to formalize the status of unelected officials as tools of unaccountable power, spelling an end to sovereignty and democracy, and the ascension of unfettered corporate capture and control.

Dr Bhakdi concluded:

“perpetrators of this earth and your puppets, you - the predators - are now going to be hunted, by the victims you have robbed of their hopes, their dreams, their existence, their families, their lives… You will be brought to justice for the hideous crimes that you have committed… Peaceful means will be employed and you need fear no bodily harm. The true and terrible punishment awaits you later when you leave this Earth and journey to your final destiny: the realm of eternal darkness, where you belong.”

To his fellow members of the human family, Professor Bhakdi concluded, “let us all look with hope and optimism into the future, and take responsibility together for turning this beautiful blue planet into a wonderful world again.”

Watch Sucharit Bhakdi’s closing remarks (11 minutes 8s) here.

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