A Reminder of Liability Information for COVID-19 Vaccination Sent to German Physicians

In June 2021, a Notice-of-Liability letter was sent to physicians in Germany. This reminder letter includes the recent findings and results that further strengthen the conclusion that the gene-based COVID vaccines are unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous, as stated in the June letter.

"We would also like to ask you, beyond the legal level, that you, as physicians and also human beings, once again thoroughly examine whether you can reconcile your attitude and your medical practice with your conscience. Our first principle is that we must do no harm."
In a major development which could have far-reaching consequences, a Hasidic rabbinical court in New York ruled on November 1 that it is ‘absolutely forbidden to administer the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine to children, adolescents, young men and women. " The judges ruled that mandatory Covid-19 vaccines transgress Jewish law, which means it could be anti-Semitic to enforce it on religious Jews who have no wish to take it. Given that the rabbinical courts in Israel are part of the formal legal system, further decrees forbidding mandatory Covid-19 vaccines might have the power to dissolve the infamous green pass system.  

Special thanks to Mascha Orel and her team for the excellent translation.

The English translation of the reminder is below.

The Original German Version:


The Letter of Notice of Liability Sent to German Physicians in June:


The Official Translation of Halachic Delineation:


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