Gagged Australian Doctor Speaks Out

Dr Paul Oosterhuis’ case illustrates that the price of medical registration in Australia is free speech.

“When I went to the medical board and I presented them with the evidence, they didn’t look at it. They didn’t look at the evidence. It’s clearly political. And it’s clearly dangerous.”

Dr. Paul Oosterhuis is an Australian anaesthetist with over thirty years experience, including in critical care and resuscitation. On September 3rd 2021 he faced a hearing before the Medical Board of New South Wales, for posting information on social media regarding COVID-19 early treatment and prophylaxis, PCR tests, and risk-benefit calculations regarding COVID-19 vaccination and lockdowns.

Doctors for Covid Ethics launched a petition in support of Dr. Oosterhuis ahead of his September hearing, which received over 13,000 signatures in a matter of days.

Before the medical board, Dr Oosterhuis presented evidence to support the accuracy of his social media posts. The medical board, however, declined to engage in any discussion regarding the evidence, or the veracity and legitimacy of Dr Oosterhuis’ statements. At issue was one thing and one thing only: whether Dr Oosterhuis had contradicted the Government. He had, and he was suspended.

Summarily terminating any medical professional who contradicts the government is a canary in the coalmine of democracy. It signals that trusted medical institutions – in this case registration boards – are operating as enforcers of government dogma. This is not how regulatory bodies function in democracies. It is how they function in dictatorships

In democracies, doctors are free – and indeed expected – to act according to their training, knowledge and experience. They are not required to parrot government diktat, and think with one hive state-controlled mind, while keeping a lid on relevant evidence and their informed medical opinion. This, however, is the state of affairs in Australia.

It is not only doctors who suffer when medical professionals are politically censored and gagged in this way. It is their patients and the general public, who are ultimately denied reliable medical information and advice.

Thousands of signatories to the petition supporting Dr. Oosterhuis have made their feelings about the censorship of doctors known. A selection of sentiments is below. One supporter said:

We are not doctors, but we certainly want to be able to believe the doctor that we visit when we go for a consultation. All doctors took an oath to protect and never cause harm. How can they do that if they are being victimised and prosecuted for doing their utmost to help and heal. If asked a question and having information to help, how can they withhold that information without jeopardising the patient/doctor relationship?

For his part, Dr Oosterhuis refuses to be silenced. Since his suspension he has given a number of interviews and spoken at events, and intends to fight his case all the way to the High Court. The petition to support him is still open. You can sign it here.

Dr. Oosterhuis joins Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. July Wilyman, interviewed by Riccardo Bosi of the Australia One Party

Dr Oosterhuis said during the interview:

“The thing that astounds me is, the drugs and the treatment approaches that I put in front of the medical board are extremely safe… When I went to the medical board and I presented them with the evidence, they didn’t look at it. They didn’t look at the evidence.

It’s clearly political. And it’s clearly dangerous. Because as a doctor in critical care, I don’t want to be seeing patients filling up intensive care and dying of this disease, when it’s preventable.”

Here is what some of the signatories to the petition had to say.

Why are so many highly qualified doctors and scientists with amazing experience and expertise, who just a year ago were being honoured by their peers, now being attacked and silenced? We are expected to believe "The Science" and "one single source of truth" when all involved in science know that science dies without open, free debate. I am so grateful and so full of admiration for Dr. Oosterhuis' intelligence, bravery, care for patients and his upholding of his Oath.
We stand with you for freedom.
It is not science when it cannot be challenged. Truth isn't afraid of being questioned. The lie hates questioning. The lie is darkness and, therefore, hates the light. Dr Oosterhuis has done his work according to the principles and practice of Medicine.
Dear Dr. Oosterhuis, Writing as a concerned elderly citizen, know that worldwide our prayers and blessings are with you. We are witnessing a phenomenon akin to 500 years back, the inquisition ... In Australia, we live now in a totalitarian police state. Worldwide the truth is coming out, our heartfelt thanks to you (all- doctors, specialists, lawyers, all ...)
Uncensored debate, openness to new ideas, and expressing of opposing views have been the bedrock of scientific progress. Questioning popular narratives is paramount to making new advancements in medicine. Therefore, an institution which wishes to squash a concerned and well qualified physician's voice, is clearly promoting anti-science and should be the one under investigation.
What has happened to the right to truth-sharing in this country?
I think this censorship is utterly abhorrent and appalling. I fully respect any health professional's right to question and their need to openly discuss issues and put forward suggestions regarding evidenced based treatments.
Sincerely concerned for the future of my family and all Australians.
 I 100% agree that as a member of the public I "...reserve the right to receive honest information, opinion and advice from our doctors, free from government interference". I do not agree with the Medical Board not entering discussions on the evidence put forward by Dr Paul Oosterhuis. How can a decision be made without looking at that? We want doctors who inform us of all information that may benefit our health, not just what they are told to. As the pledge states - THE  HEALTH  AND WELL-BEING  OF MY PATIENT will  be  my  1st  consideration. Just let Dr Paul Oosterhuis do his job. 
We are supposed to be living in a democratic country. This gag on a doctor is anti democratic, anti freedom, anti free speech. We the people have the right to think for ourselves. 
Please continue the fight! 
This forcing of professionals into towing "the party line" through removal of their livelihood is disgraceful. These tactics make me wonder what the medical board is hiding. I no longer trust doctors or the government. God help you all for what you are doing.
So very sad to think free speech is no longer free. What is happening to our democracy? Stay strong, you are to be admired.
My faith in the medical profession is pretty thready at the best of times. It now does not exist. Whatever happened to "First do no harm"?
As a citizen I have been most disappointed with the actions taken by bodies such as AHPRA and the TGA in blindly towing the government's line and taking on the role of promoters of the Covid vaccines, and also interfering in the doctor-client relationship.
We need the truth! Help us. 
This whole mess is not about a virus. It’s about control and compliance. Stand up against this tyranny. I stand tall and firm with all doctors and medical staff who see the truth. Especially with Dr Paul.
The governments are corrupt and their response to evidence based findings is to ignore it and use their authority to satisfy their own needs over the needs of the population. 
Dr. Paul Oosterhuis has every right to offer his informed medical opinion.
Censorship of doctors and scientist is not science, it is medical tyranny. Informed consent is critically important and especially in medical practice. This censorship of doctors and scientists MUST STOP NOW!

These are but a selection of thousands more comments like them.

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