Video – The Inflammation of the Heart Muscle Caused by SARS Cov 2 Vaccine

By now, everyone has heard that the COVID vaccines cause myocarditis, particularly in the young; however, the significance is downplayed in the media and even in officious medical publications. In the 11-minute video posted below, Josef Thoma MD/PhD, a general practitioner from Berlin, explains what a diagnosis of myocarditis really means: even if it has apparently healed, the patient is left with a lifelong risk of sudden cardiac death, and often also with diminished stamina and quality of life. Thoma presents some recent observations on autopsy materials from vaccine victims, made by professors of pathology Burkhardt and Lange, which drive home he serious nature of vaccine-induced myocarditis. He ends with an appeal to us to protect our children. Please take a look at this important video and share it.

Watch the video here:

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